Alan Walker — Biography, Age, 1 Shocking Reason He Wears a Mask

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Alan Walker - Biography, Age, 1 Shocking Reason He Wears a Mask

Alan Oval Walker gender is male, He is a man. Alan Walker is not a singer but a DJ and recording producer like Marshmello. He produces Music and makes singers sing the songs most of the songs are sung by females so you think Alan Walker’s voice is like a girl. The male singers have also sung his songs like you can listen to ‘Tired’, ‘Heading home’ and ‘The Spectre’.

It is the best confusion that everyone will have when they listen to Alan Walker’s songs. Because in his songs, the singer’s name is not mentioned like in ‘Faded’. But in his songs, he mostly makes teenage singers sing his songs.

Actually, when I listen to the song ‘Faded’, I thought Alan Walker is a girl. But then I learned that it was sung by Iselin Solheim. Here is the list of the singers who sang Alan Walker’s songs: Faded by Iselin Solheim, Sing me to sleep by Iselin Solheim, Alone by Noonie Bao and on my way by Sabrina carpenter.

Alan Walker is a songwriter and record producer. That’s the reason why for example the song will be highlighted as ‘faded’ by Alan Walker featuring Iselin Solheim.

Alan Oval Walker Biography

If you are asked to list the famous Electronic Dance Music (EDM) artists from Norway, the name Alan Walker, famously known as DJ Walkzz, easily pops up.

He is one of the youngest and talented Norwegian musicians and DJs. Within a short span of time, he has built a successful music career and has a huge fan base in many countries worldwide.

Alan Walker rose to fame when he released his first single titled Faded. Following this track’s success, he released several other songs that have been applauded by music lovers worldwide. Some of the tracks which have propelled him to fame include Alone, Sing Me to Sleep, and Spectre. He is also a renowned Disc Jockey.

Alan Oval Walker Profile Summary

Full nameAlan Oval WalkerDate of BirthAugust 24, 1997Place of BirthNorthampton, Englandage24 years as of 2021genderMalenationalityBritish, NorwegianHeight5 feet 11 inchesWeight72 kgAlan Walker biography

Alan Oval Walker Biography

Who is Alan Walker? Alan was born on August 24, 1997, in Northampton, England. His father’s name is Philip Alan Walker, while that of his mother is Hilde Omdal Walker. He has mixed ethnicity. His mother is Norwegian, while his father is an Englishman.

So, where does Alan Walker live? At the age of 2, he relocated to Bergen in Norway together with his family. He grew up in Norway alongside his older sister Camilla Joy and his younger brother Andreas Walker. He enrolled in high school, but he quit school to concentrate on his music career.


Alan had a deep passion for music from a tender age, but he did not have any formal training in music. He had a humble beginning as a music producer. In 2012, he was listening to one of the tracks produced by DJ David Whistle, and he contacted him to know how he produced his music. He also watched YouTube tutorials to master the art of music production.

After learning the basics of music production, he started producing his music on his laptop using FL Studio and later availed it on SoundCloud and YouTube. He started off as a bedroom producer before he signed any record deal with NoCopyrightSounds.

Alan Walker

In 2014, he released his first single titled Faded, which became a hit. The single garnered more than 400 million views on YouTube and topped the music charts in several countries.

It also received platinum certifications in 14 countries. Following the successful release of his first single, he released the tracks, Spectre and Force in 2015.

In 2016, he released the track Sing Me to Sleep featuring Iselin Solheim. This track was also a massive hit as it also garnered more than 400 million views on YouTube. The same year, he released the track Alone, featuring Noonie Bao.

He released an instrumental version of the song Ignite in 2017, which featured K-391. The same year he was ranked among the top 100 DJs. Alan Walker discography only includes one album titled Different World. The album was released in 2018, and it contains 15 tracks.

Alan walker

What is Alan Walker genre? His music spans different genres, including EDM, deep house, big room house, electro house, and progressive house. He has risen through the ranks of his music career to become the top YouTuber in Norway with more than 39 million subscribers.

He has collaborated with several music giants to release some of the tracks. His music career has also seen him tour various countries and hold concerts in various cities.

How much is Alan Walker net worth?

Alan has amassed a significant amount of wealth thanks to his music production and disc jockey career. So, how rich is he in 2021? His net worth currently stands at $18 million. He has built up his net worth from his music career. He earns a significant sum from the sale of his albums and the musical concerts and tours.

Apart from music, he has earned a significant sum as a disc jockey. He receives a substantial income from his YouTube channel, where he boasts of millions of subscribers. He is only 24 years old, and his net worth will continue to increase in the future as he continues with his music and DJ career.

Is Alan Walker married?

This is the biggest question you must be asking yourself if you are one of his fans. Alan is still young, and he is yet to settle down in marriage. However, he is in a relationship with Viivi Niemi. Alan revealed the identity of his girlfriend during question and answer session on Instagram. He regularly uploads photos of him and his girlfriend, spending quality time touring different locations on his YouTube channel.

Alan Walker mask — Why does Alan Walker wear a mask?

Long before the masks became compulsory, he always appeared in public and on stage wearing a hoodie and a mask covering half of his face. When asked to explain why he always wears masks, he says that he does not want to feel different. He prefers to keep a low profile while maintaining the mental image that his fans have given him.

Is Alan Walker a girl?

If you have listened to tracks such as Faded and Alone, you might have asked yourself if he is a girl. Well, you are not alone because most of his fans mistakenly think that he is a girl based on the voices in some of his tracks. However, he is not a singer, and he often collaborates with female vocalists in producing some of the songs.

Is Alan Walker dead?

Alan is alive and not dead. If he were dead, his death announcement would have made headlines across the globe, given that he is a household name in the music industry.

The articles circulating online about Alan Walker’s death refer to a research scientist and professor with the same name. Alan Walker has risen from a humble beginning to become a household name in the music industry.

He has proved that talent is not bounded by age, and this is only the beginning of his journey in the music world. His story is a source of inspiration to the young people out there who dream of making it big in the music industry someday.




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